Exhibition product preview


In the field of industrial automation, SENTINEL Electronics has always maintained an open attitude and deepened its technological exploration.With decades of in-depth research and exploration of IO-Link technology, at this 23rd China International Industry EXPO, we have once again brought new products and research achievements.

New Product Highlights

In order to make our esteemed guests more excited for this exhibition, today,We will revealing in advance several key products that will be showcased:

As a pioneer and active promoter of IO-Link technology, SENTINEL Electronics is always committed to providing customers with more efficient and cost-effective technical solutions. We look forward to communicating and collaborating with you at this industrial exhibition.

Exquisite Gifts

At the same time, we have also prepared a limited number of exquisite gifts for you. First come, first served. Hurry up and join us and SENTINEL Electronics to open this technology feast!

One More Thing

During this exhibition, SENTINEL is honored to participate in the IO-Link themed technology salon organized by IO-Link Association. At that time, we welcome you to come to the site for technical communication and guidance.

We will also be starting an online live broadcast simultaneously, allowing you to interact online if you cannot attend the exhibition in person. Scan the QR code below to make a live broadcast reservation.

- Time: 9.21, 14:00~16:00

- Booth Number: 6.1 Hall-E191

- Location: NECC(Shanghai)

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