Solar wafer cutting case

Application case of bus module in solar panel production line (Xi'an LONGi): SENTINEL provides on-site I/O solutions combining industrial Ethernet IP67 and IP20 for famous domestic solar cell equipment manufacturers. The company manufactures monocrystalline silicon furnaces and monocrystalline silicon cutting equipment. It can provide systematic equipment for solar panel manufacturers. SENTINEL products are used on "big stick" cut truss conveyor lines.

Customer benefits: The servo drive and the motor are installed nearby without a lot of power cables, and the switch signals such as buttons and indicator lights in the electric box of the servo drive are connected to the SENTINEL Profinet protocol IP20 economical independent remote IO module. The sensors and solenoid valves on the mobile robot equipment are connected to the SENTINEL IP67 independent remote module nearby, which greatly saves the power cable of the servo motor.