Application case of I/O module in EV battery-swap station

SENTINEL provided a fully automatic unattended vehicle swap station electronic control solution for a new energy vehicle swap station in China. The replacement of the battery in the car, the removal, installation and charging of the battery are all carried out by the mobile device. A large number of sensor and actuator cables exist in the drag chain. The heavy drag chain not only affects the running speed of the equipment, but also the lengthy cables and laying take up a lot of manpower and material costs. To this end, SENTINEL provides a distributed industrial Ethernet I/O solution for a domestic company.

Customer benefits: The servo drive and the motor are installed nearby, eliminating the need for a lot of power cables, and the switch signals such as buttons and indicator lights in the servo drive electric box are connected to the SENTINEL CC-Link IE Basic protocol IP20 economical compact and independent remote IO module. The sensors and solenoid valves on the mobile robot device are connected to the SENTINEL IP67 independent remote module nearby.